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Lovely music and easy attractive look. Vivid colors and world that felt pleasant to be in and look at. Appreciated being able to get into the game quickly. Simple concept made me excited for what to expect.

I used kb/m and found the reverse camera controls jarring.

I was disoriented for a while when I started the game, and the voice told me to go to the mountain. I felt like I needed more visual reinforcement to get a feel for where to go, especially with the open nature of the starting area. (...and no rewards for actually exploring the starting area - I felt frustration/exit reflex until I found the path to the mountain to "start" the game.)

I got caught on the collision a number of pieces of scenery, like the wide brown rock that needs to be jumped over.

I would have appreciated feedback in terms of VFX or an animation when sprinting; just the increased movespeed made me unsure if I was actually sprinting properly.

The jumping puzzles felt a little punitive to me, with failure ending in death with a small unskippable. I wanted to get back in faster, but also jumping felt slidey and I never quite felt like jumping was crunchy and predictable; often I was wrestling with the camera for the right angle and was unsure whether I'd jumped off at the right point or not.

I put the game down before I discovered the "gliding" - I felt like I would have loved to experience the "hook" of the game earlier.


Dear Stepwise,
Thank you so much for taking the time playing the game and giving feedback to it. As the Coordinator of DADIU, the education on which the team created this game, I will forward your feedback directly to the team. Thank you. 
Best, Henriette

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