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Will there be a linux version? You've done a Mac build, so it's clearly compatible.

it looks neat, my only complaint it's the feedback for damage, I didn't noticed once that I was losing hearts, maybe a better damage feedback would be good

Hi Tenma! 

Thank you, what a great feedback! I will let the team know :)


Honestly, this game..actually kind of left me wanting more after the Ending, Maybe a bit of an Expansion on the mechanics and make some other general Improvements in a Sequel? I kind of want to see more of this instead of it just being a simple one off thing..though I suppose it would still be fine if it was just a small one off thing.

the zip folder didn't expand properly. had an error titled 'Error 0- Undefined error: 0.'


LOVED the game, was beautiful and very atmospheric! I only wish I knew more what I was doing but im doing a 1 game video coming up and gonna explore this more thoroughly and release a solo of this one when I know more. It was too gorgeous for me not to, but until that one, here is me failing!  Left a follow and cannot wait to do this again except do better haha Your game is first in the video.

Hello. I'm one of the UR/QA managers from The Attic. We're really happy to hear your feedback. Thanks to your video we were also able to track down a critical bug regarding the generator. Your problems were probably caused by this bug and not you failing at all. The game has been fixed and reuploaded so hopefully you'll be able to play with no problems. Thanks again for your feedback - Rikke :D 

ill go at it again tonight if I got the time :D