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Vikings in a wooden space station • Accidents waiting to happen

Help Freya escape from a wooden space station filled to the brim with the dumbest mead-drinking musclesheads space can offer. Set off the plethora of accidents this place has, in this comedic accident action simulator.

  • Become Freya, a world-class thrower of axes, fish, and tankards of mead
  • Gawk at the stupidity of vikings, who can barely think without alcohol
  • Enjoy the hilarious accidents that would never pass OSHA regulations
  • Laugh at the maelstrom of stupidity that is Asgardromeda!

Control Scheme

Mouse and Keyboard:

Camera control - Mouse movement
Walk - WASD
Pick up item - E
Throw held item - Left mouse button to charge, release to throw
Menu - Esc

Xbox Controller:

Walk - Left Thumb Stick
Camera control - Right Thumb stick
Pick up item - A
Throw held item - Right Trigger
Menu - Start



Asgardromeda is a Boozy Viking Productions and was made in 6 weeks as part of DADIU, by these amazing people:

CG Artist - Anders Alkjaer, Artstation, LinkedIn
CG Artist - Nilas Christensen, Twitter.
CG Artist - Simone van Hofwegen, Instagram.
Game and Level Designer - Rolf P. T. Holm, LinkedIn.
Programmer - Emily Erica Hueg, LinkedIn, itch.io.
CG Artist - Peter Jensen, LinkedIn.
Game and Level Designer - Jonas Kjølleberg Lundbye, Twitter, Itch.io
Audio Designer - Jakob Sommerlund Moestrup, Itch.io.
Art Director - Daisy Kinahan Murphy, Itch.io.
QA & UR- Ingi Jansson Müller, Itch.io, LinkedIn.
Project Manager    - Mark Andreas Nielsen, Itch.io, LinkedIn.
Programmer - Mathias Nielsen, Portfolio, Itch.io.
Programmer - Michal Pikulski, Itch.io, LinkedIn.
Programmer - Diana Ioana Soponar, LinkedIn, Itch.io.
Game Director  - Alexander Tange, Twitter, Itch.io

Additional testing by:
Sumaya Jama.
Sarah Jensen.
Christoffer Kjær.
Nadia P. Larsen, LinkedIn.
Jakob Nørholm, Itch.io, LinkedIn.
Rikke Wolf Pedersen.
Niklas Pelle.
Emma Pilkington.
Frederik Stief.
Magnus Wahlers, Itch.io, LinkedIn.


DADIU_2020_Team3_Asgardromeda.zip 587 MB

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