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Vikings in a wooden space station • Accidents waiting to happen

Help Freya escape from a wooden space station filled to the brim with the dumbest mead-drinking musclesheads space can offer. Set off the plethora of accidents this place has, in this comedic accident action simulator.

  • Become Freya, a world-class thrower of axes, fish, and tankards of mead
  • Gawk at the stupidity of vikings, who can barely think without alcohol
  • Enjoy the hilarious accidents that would never pass OSHA regulations
  • Laugh at the maelstrom of stupidity that is Asgardromeda!

Control Scheme

Mouse and Keyboard:

Camera control - Mouse movement
Walk - WASD
Pick up item - E
Throw held item - Left mouse button to charge, release to throw
Menu - Esc

Xbox Controller:

Walk - Left Thumb Stick
Camera control - Right Thumb stick
Pick up item - A
Throw held item - Right Trigger
Menu - Start



Asgardromeda is a Boozy Viking Productions and was made in 6 weeks as part of DADIU, by these amazing people:

CG Artist - Anders Alkjaer, Artstation, LinkedIn
CG Artist - Nilas Christensen, Twitter.
CG Artist - Simone van Hofwegen, Instagram.
Game and Level Designer - Rolf P. T. Holm, LinkedIn.
Programmer - Emily Erica Hueg, LinkedIn, itch.io.
CG Artist - Peter Jensen, LinkedIn.
Game and Level Designer - Jonas Kjølleberg Lundbye, Twitter, Itch.io
Audio Designer - Jakob Sommerlund Moestrup, Itch.io.
Art Director - Daisy Kinahan Murphy, Itch.io.
QA & UR- Ingi Jansson Müller, Itch.io, LinkedIn.
Project Manager    - Mark Andreas Nielsen, Itch.io, LinkedIn.
Programmer - Mathias Nielsen, Portfolio, Itch.io.
Programmer - Michal Pikulski, Itch.io, LinkedIn.
Programmer - Diana Ioana Soponar, LinkedIn, Itch.io.
Game Director  - Alexander Tange, Twitter, Itch.io

Additional testing by:
Sumaya Jama.
Sarah Jensen.
Christoffer Kjær.
Nadia P. Larsen, LinkedIn.
Jakob Nørholm, Itch.io, LinkedIn.
Rikke Wolf Pedersen.
Niklas Pelle.
Emma Pilkington.
Frederik Stief.
Magnus Wahlers, Itch.io, LinkedIn.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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GenreAction, Adventure, Simulation
TagsComedy, Physics


DADIU_2020_Team3_Asgardromeda.zip 587 MB

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