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Gneiss: A Misshapen Journey

About our game

A lonely rock sets out for acceptance, but is smashed to bits in the process. Only a squishy core of flesh remains. 

Stretch and freely transform your new body to overcome an imposing world. Experiment and find your own favorite shapes to guide Gneiss through this unique deformation platformer.

Core mechanic

  • Draw any shape with a pencil - the shape becomes the player!
  • Combine multiple lines to create countless three dimensional shapes.


  • Keyboard: Use WASD to move the character, click and hold the right mouse button and move the mouse to draw. Space to reset your shape back to the ball.
  • Controller: Use Left-stick to move the character, Use bumpers or triggers to toggle draw-mode and move the right-stick to make the desired shape.

Team - ARISE 


Gneiss - A Misshapen Journey 1.1.zip 958 MB


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Lol my dad thought this was Minecraft


New version up :)


Very nice and unique game! Great job!

mirror? 5/7


privjet. very liking game