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“Once Upon A Conquest” is a bedtime story about The Overlord's past told to his grandchildren. While the story of his wreaking havoc adventures is being told, you as the player bring destruction and death to the light-hearted kingdom. All leading to a face-off against their larger-than-life champion. So grab your weapon, let out your evil side and make yourself ready to live through a humourous, wreaking havoc adventure of conquering the lands full of peace and joy! (Which your evil side can't stand of course)

Andrew Johnson, Game Director 

Rike Ziegler, Producer LinkedIn

Martyna Syguła, Co-Director, Game Design Lead, Main Cow Lobbyist, Second Best Person LinkedIn

Nanna Holst Larsen, Game Design, Narration Design, Writer, Voice Acting Director LinkedIn

Noah Flösser, Game and Level Design, Combat Design

Ian Arbirk, Game and Level Design

Kacper Gasior, Programming Lead, Gameplay Programmer LinkedIn

Bernard Legay Halfeld Ferrari Alves, Gameplay Programmer

Malte Pedersen, Programmer

Aske Johansen, Technical Artist

Frederik Høimark, Technical Artist, Tool Developer, VFX Artist and Rigger LinkedIn Portfolio

Aashika Vijayan, Art Director LinkedIn Portfolio

Gregers Berth, 3D Lead, Environment and Character Artist LinkedIn Portfolio

Ida Kjeldstrøm Hansen, Environment Artist, Character Artist, Concept Artist and Illustrator

Julie Kristine Lohmann Jacobsen, Character Animator and Environment Artist LinkedIn

Guðmundur Vikar Jonsson, Character Animator and Environment Artist

Xuerong Zhang, Visual designer and UI Designer

Philip Toft Olsen, Sound Design Lead, Composer, Musician, Audio Programming, Dialog coordinator, Best Person, Voice Actor

Tamara-Putri Vestergaard Nge, Player Experience Lead, QA Manager, Voice Actor, SoMe Associate LinkedIn

Gameplay Video

Presentation Video


OnceUponAConquest.zip 775 MB


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