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Embark on a journey as the Shepherdess, navigating the ancient underworld to lead departed souls to their ultimate resting place. Utilize the contours of the landscape to gracefully skim and soar above the timeless dunes of the Soul Sea.

Johannes Andersen, CGI Artist LinkedIn

Simon Andreasen, Game & Level Designer LinkedIn

Yuting Chen, Concept, Visual & UI Designer Portfolio

Natasha Ianchina Hansen, Producer LinkedIn

Jakob Hedeby, Programmer LinkedIn

Neil McGuiness, Lead Game & Level Designer, Sound Designer & Composer LinkedIn

Martin Moeskjaer, Lead Programmer LinkedIn

Sofia Holm Poulsen, Lead VFX Artist Portfolio

Frederik Kibsgaard Riehn-Kristensen, Game & Level Designer LinkedIn

Johannes Donner Schackinger, Art Director & Lead Artist LinkedIn

Søren Skouv, Game Director LinkedIn

Anna Subotina, CGI & VFX Artist Portfolio

Annika Vangsgaard, CGI & Environment Artist LinkedIn

Caroline Neergaard Westergaard, Character & Special Effects Rigger & Animator, 3D Character Concept Artist LinkedIn

Runfei Wu, Programmer LinkedIn

Kaiyin Yang, QA & UR Manager LinkedIn


Thomas Carnell, Sound Designer & Composer

Mathias Algot Søllested, Technical Art Consultant

Ross Edward Taylor, Font Artist

Monica Wiese, Voice Actor

Special Thanks

To anyone who tested our game and provided feedback

Rune Kristian Lundedal Nielsen for our two camping tables

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TagsAtmospheric, Casual, Female Protagonist, Indie, movement-based, Singleplayer


DADIU_2023_Team3_SandsAdrift.zip 1 GB
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Loved it! I especially like the dream-like aesthetics. Make moar ^^



The movement is incredibly fun and gets even better after the first playthrough!
I yearn for more :D


Let go of W when you go up slopes! This legit took me 10 min to figure out for some reason. Could be because I have played too much Counter Strike :>