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The Bleeding Tree is a roguelike with a unique twist on replayability. Whenever you play, whether you win or lose, you leave behind something to find in a future run. 

If you die during a run, your character becomes a ghost that will linger in that level, waiting to help you next time you come through. If you defeat the final boss, your character becomes the final boss. 

And in both of these cases, you also leave behind all the powers you have collected along the way, making the ghost and boss just as powerful as you were.


The game can be played with either keyboard and mouse, or with a controller. We recommend using a controller!

Keyboard & Mouse

WASD - Movement

Left Mouse Button - Light Attack

Right Mouse Button - Heavy Attack

Left Shift - Special

Spacebar - Dodge/Interact

ESC - Pause

Controller (Default Xbox layout)

Left analog stick - Movement

X - Light Attack

Y - Heavy Attack

B - Special

A - Dodge/Interact

Start - Pause


The Bleeding Tree takes place in a dark forest, where, at the heart of the forest, you can find the titular Bleeding Tree. Drinking the sap of the Bleeding Tree is said to grant immense power, so adventurers are flocking to the forest, all hoping to gain that power. 

You play as one of these adventurers. You pick a weapon, you give the adventurer a name, and you set off into the forest. But you quickly find that the forest is stranger and more dangerous than you had anticipated. Drinking the water in lakes and rivers grants you great powers, but it also seems to be corrupting the plants, creatures, and people in the forest. 

The closer you get to the Bleeding Tree, the stronger the corruption gets, and soon your surroundings barely resemble  a forest. 


The Bleeding Tree is the result of 8 weeks of development with a diverse and talented team of 18. It was created as the Graduation Game project for the 2020 DADIU course.

Our team, which we called No Input Interactive, is made up of:

Game Director:


Art Director:

Audio Designer:

Narrative Director:

  • Melanie Kyhnæb

QA & UR Manager:

Lead Game & Level Designer:

Game & Level Design:

Lead Programmer:


  • Sameer Kamble 
    • Motion Matching , VFX
  • Zaibei Li
    • Motion Matching, Save/Load system
    • LinkedIn

Computer Graphics Artists:

  • Michael David Larsen 
    • Environmental Assets and Props, Scene dressing
    • LinkedIn
  • Simon Long Fischer Hansen
    • Creature Animation, Character Modelling, Skinning, Texturing
    • LinkedIn


the-bleeding-tree-win.zip 1 GB
Version 3 Dec 05, 2020


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here is my run after boss 2 the bosses now become normal enemy's but damn they do give more damage there was one part could not tell where i was taking damage from  

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Great game, quite the fun little experience! Must say some of the abilities are quite overpowered, and it can quickely become a game of clicking the same button. But despite this, the game had great mechanics and artwork. The mood was really fun and entertaining too. Something I really like is the attention to detail, like the small comments at the beginning of the game, the names, the short story, so on and so forth.



Thank you for playing! We're glad you liked it!

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Thanks for playing! I hope you eventually beat the game!