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Interact with more than 50 NPC's to discover the story that Toy Game - A Royal Mess is all about! Feel the nostalgia of your childhood when you walk around the world, and explore the different areas of the game. Use different tools to complete tasks given by the people, but beware, there are often more than one solution to the problem!

 Help the grandma get her cat down by either cutting down the tree with a chainsaw, which would hurt the cat, or paint a bowl of milk on a sign and lure the cat down safely! Depending on how you solve the quests, the NPC's will respond differently. 

Depending on your choices, the game will have one of two endings, but it's up to you to find out how to get each one. Rejoice into child like wonder once again, and find the easter eggs scattered all around the game. 

The game is played on PC using these controls

This game took approximately 7 weeks to create with a team of 18 students with different backgrounds, interests and skills. We are all from different higher educational institutions in Denmark, and all have a passion for games.

Our team is called Crowless Games, because of some test results we received from our first game "Shrouded Darkness".

The following people helped create this game:

Morten Trier Bach, QA&UR Manager

Adrien Cochard, Lead Programmer - LinkedIn, Itch

Marcus Petpradit Hansen, Artist

Martin Hansen, Game Director - LinkedIn

Nicklas Thode Hansen, Artist - LinkedInArtstation

Gustav Jakobsen, Producer - LinkedIn

Piotr Ładoński, Programmer - LinkedIn

Katrine Larsen, Artist

Thevakorn Lauritsen, Game & Level Designer - LinkedIn

Niek Meffert, Lead Artist

Cisser Mæhl, Composer

Mark Oliver Sandfeld Nielsen, Game & Level Designer

Jakob Sproegel Pedersen, Audio Designer

Dario Safić, Programmer

Stefan Nordam Suadicani, Programmer

Georg Helt Veje, Artist

We would also like to thank the following people:


Simon Dannevang

Alexandru Orestis Giuran

Emil Bisgaard Jepsen

Andreas Ottosen

Kasper Sørensen

QA & UR Producer:

Gustav Schrøder

Special thanks to these individuals as well, whom without, this game would not be possible: 

Special thanks to:

Simon Jon Andreasen

Tore Blystad

Anna Brinkschulte

Anne Clausen

Thomas Howalt

Michael Rud Jakobsen

Carsten Finn Jensen

Søren Lundgaard

Simon Løvind

Astrid B. Zidara Madsen

Niklas Schak

Ricardo Sissnet

Paul Tyler

Henriette Nøddebo Wibe

Gunnar Wille


DADIU_2021_Team4_ToyGameARoyalMess.zip 1,012 MB

Install instructions

1. Download the zip file and extract all

2. Click the .exe file which will open the game

Have fun!

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