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Experience awe-inspiring spectacles while ascending this monumental clockwork tower used as a lighthouse for souls of the dead.  In Wickie & The Soul Keeper you play as Wickie, the operator of the clockwork lighthouse that guides the souls to their afterlife. As lightning strikes the clock tower Wickie is hurled down to the bottom and the clock towers internal mechanisms are disrupted. As the guardian of the lighthouse, reach your rightful place at the top, while traversing and controlling mechanical environments. 

Rasmus Sølvsten, Game Director

Colin Michel, Producer LinkedIn Portfolio

Maja Sayk Sørensen, Art Director LinkedIn

Sune Mikkel Rasmussen, Lead Programmer LinkedIn

João Guilherme Rainha Parreira, Programmer LinkedIn, Itch.io

Mads Fugl Petersen, Programmer LinkedIn

Huo Xinzhi, Programmer

Jonas Jensen, Game and Level Designer LinkedIn

Sindre Valen Aasland, Game and Level Designer LinkedIn

Anton Boutrup Hartfelt, CG Artist ArtStation

Frederick Dufour, CG Artist ArtStation

Nicolai Hestehave Worsøe Jørgensen, CG Artist LinkedIn

Signe Harremoës Feldstein, CG Artist LinkedIn, ArtStation, Instagram

Elina Semenova, Visual Designer Portfolio

Morten Fæster Madsen, Audio Designer LinkedIn

Kelsey L. Adsitt, Audio Designer/Composer LinkedIn

Kasper Frydensberg Mohr Nielsen, QA LinkedIn


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Great demo! Where is the rest?

This is a gorgeous little experience. My only complaint is that the ending was a bit abrupt with just dumping the player to a black screen and then the title.  

Hi WanderingShadow, thank you for taking your time to play the game and leave a comment! I will foward your message and feedback to the team :) Best, DADIU

Really enjoyed it! Nicely done! 

Thank you for taking your time to play the game William! I will forward your comment to the team :)