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Windfall is a Procedural Generated 3D Exploration Platformer focused around fast and fluent movement. 

You play as Nubis, a creature from a fractured world. Chosen, you must explore the world of Enosis,  find the hidden secrets and conquer the challenges on your path.

Blow upwards with the wind in this new and exciting platformer!



Ages ago, the Elders of the world found a beautiful and mysterious crystal in the center of their planet. Through research, they discovered the crystal possesed great powers, so they decided to mine it.
Blinded by their new discovery, they failed to realize that the world was falling apart as the mining went on. 

To save the world, four Chosen Elders were entrusted with the biggest pieces of the crystal that remained intact. With these in hand, they stood before the crystal to sustain it with their energy, keeping the world from falling further apart - but with a huge price...

... They turned into crystal themselves...

 Ages later, the disasters repeated themselves and the world started to drift apart again. As the chosen one, you are assigned with the task to find out why the world is falling apart again. On your journey you have to collect the four lost crystal pieces and bring them back to the hands of the crystalized Elders in the temple.



- FrogSpawn Studios -

Mantas Cibulskis - Programmer
Gabriel Henriksen Gaspar - Producer
Esben Bruhn Hansen - Programmer
Izabelle Adina Hunte - 3D Artist
Alexander Clark Arly Jensen - 3D Artist
Jesper Sandfeld Jessen - Lead 3D Artist
Jannik Jochim  - Game Director
Karolina Kozinska - 3D Artist
Anders Christian Larsson - Game & Level Designer
Thomas Eg Matthiesen - Audio Designer
Christian Egebjerg Mouritsen - 3D Artist
Patrick Nielsen - Programmer
Apostolos-Alexandros Pechlivanidis - Art Director
Nikolaj Andersen Pereira - 3D Artist
Henning Ribjerg - Lead Programmer
Emil Smith - Music Composer
Kasper Sørensen - QA & UR Manager
Sebastian Martin Young - Game & Level Designer


Brynn Spelliscy - Voice-Over
Tobias Havskov Sørensen - Additional Percussion


Morten Trier Bach - Playtest
Tonko Bossen - Playtest
Simon Dannevang - Playtest
Mathias N. G. Faldt - Playtest
Marcus Hyttel - Playtest
Andrei-Calin Mares - Playtest
Henriette Mejer Meerson - Playtest
Alexandru Orestis Giuran - Playtest
Emil Bisgaard Jepsen - Playtest
Andreas Ottosen - Playtest
Jacob Bjørgmose Pedersen - Playtest
Nanna Pedersen - Playtest
Gustav Schrøder - Playtest & QA Producer
Andreas Sørensen - Playtest
Martin Dahl Sørensen - Playtest


Windfall.zip 535 MB


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game looks beautiful, and gravity-zipping through rings is an awesome core concept.

I tried playing the game with mouse and keyboard on multiple monitors, and my cursor wasn't locked to my screen.

The game also starts with mouse sensitivity cranked way up, and the camera slider options are over-sensitive where it's hard to get something that's playable with mouse. (there are maybe a few pixels between spinning like mad vs camera barely moves when mousing)

I felt like I wanted a way to skip the opening cutscenes.

edit: removed comment about conservation of momentum through the rings - it IS in there, though I still struggled with chaining it fluently

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